Winter Driving Tips

Winter can be a cruel season, bringing darker days, low temperatures, rain, snow and ice. These conditions can impact your driving, so if the roads are bad, you should try to avoid journeys that are not completely necessary.

If you do need to be on the roads in poor conditions, following these tips could help you stay safe.


Check Traffic and Road Closures Before Journeys

When the weather is snowy or icy, people will be driving slowly, which can cause traffic to build up. There is also a higher chance of road accidents occurring in Winter, which can lead to diversions, and dangerous areas may be closed off. Before setting off on a journey, make sure you check traffic updates to ensure that you leave enough time to get to your destination.


Plan Ahead

Whether traffic is bad or not, you should still set off early, allowing more time for journeys than you usually would. Not only should you be driving more cautiously if roads are slippery, but you will also need to clear any snow and ice from your car that could obscure your vision. Don’t forget to make sure your number plate is also visible.


Don’t be Hasty!

Accelerate gradually, using low revs and switch to a higher gear as soon as you get the chance, to give yourself more control. Drive slowly, maintaining a safe gap between you and the vehicle in front; remember, on ice, normal stopping distances can be ten times higher!


Steer into a Skid

If you do feel your vehicle begin to skid, try not to panic. Steering in the direction that your car is sliding should help you regain control.


Be Prepared

Driving on slippery roads with low visibility in cold temperatures can be dangerous, and the likelihood of an accident or breakdown is increased, so make sure you are prepared by keeping the following items in your boot in the winter:

  • Torch and batteries
  • First-aid kit
  • Ice scraper and de-icer
  • Map
  • Jump leads
  • Shovel
  • Portable phone charger
  • Food and water
  • Warning triangle
  • Blanket and thermal clothing
  • Hi-vis clothing