Volkswagen Golf GTD Review

When it comes to special Golf models, most people would mention the GTi variants. Despite the popular name, Volkswagen actually sell twice as many GTDs as their GTIs every year. It’s easy to see why too, the latest version has been fettled to push its performance to the next level.


With 181bhp and 280lb ft, the Volkswagen Golf GTD cars are hardly short of poke, this is refelcted in a 0-60 time of 7.5 seconds, or 7.4 when equipped with the sublime DSG box.

An 8.0in touchscreen display, satnav, dual-zone climate control and heated front seats are all added into the mix for the performance diesel, also included is Volkwagen’s Active Display, a 12.3in screen like Audi’s Virtual Cockpit. Of course, the cabin wouldn’t be complete without the golf ball-themed gearlever and black and white tartan seats!

Underneath, the Volkswagen Golf GTD takes its perfromance promise seriously. Stiffended sport suspension, a limited slip-diff and beefier brakes make the car feel far more focused. The main talking point however is the Golf GTD’s powerplant. The four-cylcinder engine is extremely refined for a high-output diesel, responsive to throttle inputs, as you’d expect, the turn of speed is is potent. Although the engine is happy to push past 3500rpm, as with most diesels, you’re better off sticking to the mid range.

As this car isn’t meant to be the be all and end all in the performance sector, it leaves plenty of room for the car to be a uber comfy cross country rocket. The use of driving modes is crucial to getting the most out of the diesel Gold, sport mode allows the car to wallow and absorb bumps, while sport tightens everything, to a level on par with previous GTIs!

Although a new Golf GTD isn’t a hugely expensive car, the best deals are found in the used market. Used Volkswagen Golf GTD cars can be found for almost half the new retail price.


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